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Who is an apprentice?

An Apprentice can be anyone over 16 either new to the business or is an existing employee that wants to gain a qualification. ESP can source Apprentices to start an Apprenticeship Programme or to first start a Traineeship that leads into Apprenticeship.

Why would I want to get involved with apprenticeships?

The Apprenticeship programme gets people into jobs, it expands an existing workforce or can be used to upskill an existing one. It’s a government funded programme so all the costs of running the apprenticeship are covered.

What is a traineeship?

A Traineeship is for learners in the 19-24 age category who may be enthusiastic about a career but don’t hold the qualifications or employability skills required to enter that career. In most cases a traineeship leads to an apprenticeship and can be achieved quite quickly, normally less than 6-10 weeks. A Trainee may retain their benefits and are eligible to be offered a paid Apprenticeship at anytime during the programme.

What is the benefit to the employer?

We are all aware that a business succeeds or fails on the quality of its personnel. Often the most valued employees are those that have been employed for the longest. An Apprenticeship ensures that skills and experience are transferred to either new or existing employees in order to encourage continuity and allow for growth.

Where does the funding come from?

ESP is registered and approved by the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) and has access to government funding for approved programmes that we deliver for employers in conjunction with colleges as our integrated partners. The Government’s focus is to get the unemployed into work and to increase the skills and knowledge of those already in work. The lead programme that is sponsored by the government is labelled ‘Apprenticeships’, but the term itself in this context can often be misleading. An ‘Apprentice’ can equally apply to a 16 year old who wants to be a joiner or a 46 year old who wants to advance his/her qualifications in their present job or learn new skills.

Is there alot of paperwork involved in running these programmes?

Not with ESP! Our business model takes away all the headache of running these schemes. Initially, there is a period of consultation to ensure that the programme will meet all the requirements of the business, and then its left to us to deliver it. We arrange all the funding to cover the cost of running the courses, we prepare all the initial and ongoing paperwork for each Trainee or Apprentice and we are available continuously to address any issues that arise.

How much work is involved in setting this up?

ESP does all the work for you. We take on the running of the program and provide all the education expertise required. We find the learners or enrol members of your existing workforce. We do the regular assessments and ensure all the paperwork is compliant. ‘Low impact’ Courses to negate personnel being away from site (all assessments done on-site)

Are you expanding or resourcing for a period of growth?

Apprenticeships and Traineeships are an ideal resource to utilise as a way of increasing the size of an existing workforce and ensuring a standardised level of qualifications and knowledge.

Do you want to use Apprenticeships to upgrade qualifications, skills or knowledge of an existing workforce?

An Apprenticeship Programme can be utilised to introduce compliance standards or an enterprise wide decision to ensure that the entire workforce is above a minimum level. For example, it is not a requirement in the UK that workers serving food hold either a L2 Food Safety Certificate or Health and Hygiene Certificate. Many restaurant chains do insist upon this and businesses who want to set this as a minimum standard can offer such a programme to their entire workforce. Such a programme can include Customer Service, Kitchen Service, Business Administration and Functional Skills.

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