What is ILM?

The Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) is one of the foremost providers of leadership and management qualifications. They are connected with high standards of accreditation that ensure its approved courses are relevant to the workplace and provide real benefits in learning and skills improvements.

ESP are ILM-approved training providers, recognised for our ability to deliver the highest standards of training through effective course content, professional trainers and quality procedures. The courses we provide can be conducted to provide qualifications for each individual or training that is particularly tailored to suit the needs of your business.

On completion of the Team Leader standard, apprentices will demonstrate a range of leadership and management skills that will allow them to drive, develop and successfully lead a team. The apprenticeship standards “knowledge, skills and behaviours” are developed over the course of the programme via scheduled learning interventions with employer mentors, trainers and ESP Learning and Skills Coaches. Learning activities and coaching sessions are aligned to support the learner to learn, practice and prepare for End Point Assessment.

Level 5 Operations/Departmental Manager standard managers will be responsible for everything from creating and delivering operational plans, managing projects, and leading and managing teams, to managing change, financial and resource management. Responsibilities also include talent management, coaching and mentoring. Roles may include those of Operations Manager, Regional Manager, Divisional Manager, Department Manager as well as other specialist managers.

Who is it for?
Created for those working in a management role or who are being moved into a role in which management and leadership skills are key. Currently apprenticeships cover Team Leader/Supervisor roles as well as middle and high-level management positions.

Employer Benefits:
– Management and leadership skills have a major impact on the development, productivity and performance of organisations; provide your team with the professional and inspirational skills to lead your teams
– Create a team of innovative, creative, visionary and inspirational leaders and managers
– Focus managers on operational development and industry best practice
– Tailor your leaders and manager’s skillsets to carefully meet the demands of your business
– Utilise your Levy to underwrite the cost of each programme

Employee Benefits:
– Raise confidence & competence
– Enhanced skills and knowledge
– Improve the performance of your operational area
– Gain professional recognition for your skills

How delivered:
– Blended learning between 15 to 24 months
– 1:1 support with learning and skills coaches
– 1 day tutor led training courses delivered at your workplace
– Coach and mentoring days
– Completion of relevant work-based assignments and project
– Online support
– Bitesize learning segments
– End point assessment

Apprenticeship Route

By utilising an Apprenticeship Programme to deliver any of the above qualifications to new or existing staff, the costs of these programmes could be fully met from your Apprenticeship Levy payments or just 10% of real costs if you are a non-levy paying organisation. Please contact us for more information.

ILM Courses Duration Framework Levy Cost * Standard Levy Cost* Standard Non-Levy Cost**
Level 2 Certificate in Leadership and Team Skills 12 months £3640 £2500 £250
Level 2 Certificate in Team Leading 12 months £3640 £2500 £250
Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management 12-14 months £5094 £5000 £500
Level 3 Certificate in Leadership and Management 12-18 months £5094 £5000 £500
Level 5 Certificate in Leadership and Management 18-24 months £5437 £9000 £900
Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management 18-24 months £5437 £9000 £900

* Framework cost applies if utilised before March 2017. Standard cost applicable after March 2017 and redeemable against levy payment.
** These rates will be applicable from April 2017 to levy paying employers where they have fully utlised their existing levy monies.

Commercial Route

If you cannot utilise an Apprenticeship Programme, these courses are also available through a normal commercial route.

ILM Courses Duration Cost based on 12 delegates Hosted Residential*
Level 2 Certificate in Leadership and Team Skills 4 months £1380 N/A
Level 2 Certificate in Team Leading 6 months £1640 £2040
Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management 8 months £2160 £2760
Level 3 Certificate in Leadership and Management 12 months £3720 £4920
Level 5 Certificate in Leadership and Management 18 months £5580 £7380
Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management 24 months £7100 £9590

* Delivered in blocks of two days at an agreed venue – includes bed and full borad as well as teas, coffees and drinks each day.

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