course duration: 1/2 day

The art of getting your message across effectively is a vital part of being a successful manager. Whether you want to make presentations with confidence or to negotiate with ease, this course will help you to improve your communication skills.

From understanding body language to writing reports and proposals – all the key aspects of business communication are clearly explained. Also included is practical advice on using public relations, advertising, information technology, and media techniques. As you begin to communicate effectively, this course will help you to consolidate and build on your new skills. This course covers the following areas:

  • Learning The Basics
  • Exchanging Information
  • Acquiring More Skills
  • Communication For Results.
course duration: 1/2 day

The key to effective leadership lies in mastering a wide range of skills, from implementing and administrating processes to inspiring others to achieve excellence. This course will show you how to make the most of opportunities to learn to lead, whether by observing others, through formal training or through careful evaluation of practical experience.

With invaluable information and hands on exercises, this course will help you to become an inspirational and confident leader, capable of handling an effective team. This course covers the following areas:

  • Understanding Leadership
  • Leading others
  • Leadership thinking and styles
  • Motivating and growing others for success.
course duration: 1/2 day

Delegation is an essential element of any manager’s job. Used effectively it provides real benefits for everyone involved. This course will enable you to achieve the best possible results from each delegation you make – from small everyday tasks to major leadership appointments.

The course covers every aspect of this process, from deciding and prioritising which tasks to delegate and choosing the right person for the job, to recognising and overcoming barriers and anticipating risks. Practical advice on how to motivate and develop staff, build loyalty, and give and receive feedback will increase your confidence and help you to become a skilled delegator. This course covers the following areas:

  • Understanding Delegation
  • Delegating Effectively
  • Monitoring Progress
  • Improving Skills.
course duration: 1/2 day

Today’s increasingly competitive business world means that a highly motivated workforce is vital for any organization seeking good results. Therefore, learning how to motivate others has become an essential skill for managers. This course shows you how best to put effective motivational theories into practice to create and sustain a positive environment in the workplace.

This course contains a wealth of practical advice, while all the most important motivational techniques are comprehensively explained – from analysing the needs of individual staff members, to offering incentives, and using multiskilling and training to increase job satisfaction. A self-assessment test at the end of the course evaluates your motivational skills, helping you raise levels of performance and get the most from both yourself and your staff. This course covers the following areas:

  • Analysing Motivation
  • Building Up Motivation
  • Getting the Best from People
  • Rewarding Achievement.
course duration: 1/2 day

Working with teams, whether as leader of a single team or manager of several, is an essential part of a manager’s remit. Team working is rapidly becoming the preferred practice in many organisations as traditional corporate hierarchies give way to flat, multiskilled working methods.

This course is an indispensable and practical guide to leading teams with expertise, covering subjects such as defining the skills required to complete a project, establishing trust between individuals within a team, and maximising the performance of that team. This course is vital for anyone involved in teamwork, whether as a novice or as an experienced team leader. This course covers the following areas:

  • Understanding How Teams Work
  • Setting Up a Team
  • Improving Team Efficiency
  • Working for the Future.
course duration: 1/2 day

Meetings are a crucial element in business: many billions are held worldwide every day. Whether you are attending as a participant or as the chairperson, you can improve your handling of meetings so that they run more efficiently and effectively.

This course offers practical advice on all aspects of holding meetings, both formal and informal. Essential information is included on planning and preparing an agenda, choosing a venue and arranging seating, keeping on schedule, and closing a meeting.

Throughout the course, useful tips give clear and concise information to help you make a positive contribution towards achieving the objective of any meeting you attend. A self-assessment questionnaire allows you to evaluate your performance and chart your progress. This course covers the following areas:

  • Using Meetings Effectively
  • Preparing for a Meeting
  • Attending a Meeting
  • Chairing a Meeting.
course duration: 1/2 day

Whether you are a seasoned orator or a novice speaker, you can improve your presentation skills and enhance your credibility through planning, preparation, and practice.

This course contains essential information on every aspect of public speaking, form the researching and writing of your material to overcoming tension and dealing with questions from an audience. Practical advice, for example on choosing the best audio-visual aids, will furnish you with the confidence to handle real-life situations professionally and help you to develop and perfect your skills. This course covers the following areas:

  • Preparing a Presentation
  • Preparing Yourself
  • Delivering a Presentation
  • Handling an Audience.
course duration: 1/2 day

Change is the single most important element of successful business today. To remain competitive in increasingly aggressive markets, organisations (and individuals in them) have to adopt a positive attitude to change. Ignoring or trivialising a changing trend can be costly, so this course teaches managers how to be one step ahead of rivals, set trends, and lead change in order to survive.

Techniques for planning and implementing change, for example, are explained clearly, to help you maximise potential gain. Practical advice is given on how to achieve the best from staff by using their strengths and involving them at all stages.

The course incorporates a self-assessment exercise which allows you to evaluate and improve your change-management skills. This course covers the following areas:

  • Understanding Change
  • Planning Change
  • Implementing Change
  • Consolidating Change.
course duration: 1/2 day

The ability to think creatively is an essential skill for every manager. By applying your creativity, it is possible to break out of your usual routines and patterns of behaviour and to increase your personal effectiveness. Thinking Creatively will help you to tap into your innate creativity so that you can find innovative solutions to difficult problems.

It will help you to understand the process of generating and assessing ideas, and it will show you how to benefit from sharing ideas with others in order to build consensus and commitment. As you develop the techniques that will help you to stimulate creativity in yourself and others, you will find this course an invaluable guide. This course covers the following areas:

  • Understanding Creativity
  • Developing Creativity
  • Using a Creative Approach
  • Working with Others.