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Business Administrator Standard Level 3 – Apprentice Achievement

11th March 2019

I would like to extend my personal expression of recognition, as your Regional Account Manager for and on behalf of Pearson. Well done on this fabulous achievement to all concerned in recognition of your Apprenticeship Journey. As the first tranche of Apprentices that we see go through the end point assessment process for this Standard, everyone’s hard work, determination and focus is greatly appreciated and applauded! Well done!

WBL Regional Account Manager , Pearson

Industry Coverage

ESP specialises in a number of business sectors where the management team have held senior roles and therefore fully understand the present challenges these businesses are facing. Companies are concerned with available capacity and are often reluctant to embark on programmes that ultimately may not be given the best chance of succeeding because of time constraints. ESP understands this and works with senior management and other stakeholders to ensure the workforce is not stretched.


Quality at every stage of any personnel development programme, whether Government or Company funded, is key to successful delivery. All of ESP’s programmes are both internally and externally verified and we only partner with the very best of educational establishments. Our aim is to provide high quality education and promote life long learning.

Training Consultancy

Every organisation is unique with different challenges but all are dependent upon the quality of their workforce, whether they be on the shop floor or around the boardroom table. ESP will discuss with you the issues you want to resolve and agree a remit around which a proposal can be developed. This can be as broad or as discreet as needed. Programmes can be delivered from Level 2 Diploma’s (Traineeships and Apprenticeships) right up to Level 9 MBA. ESP works in partnership with Colleges around the country to facilitate a national delivery and accreditation of the most appropriate and cost effective programmes.

Our clients

ESP has and continues to work with a broad range of clients in providing training services to companies. These are just some of the companies we have worked with: