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Education and Skills Partnership is both a training consultancy and an apprenticeship provider to industry.
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Apprenticeships and Traineeships

An Apprenticeship is either a new job or an existing one that is combined with training to the level of a nationally recognised qualification.

Apprenticeships normally last around 12-14 months dependent upon the industry, from things like Food and Beverage Service, Finance Advice, Construction or Accountancy. The scheme gives learners in the 16-18 or 19+ age categories, the opportunity to work whilst both learning and earning.

Apprenticeships have become a government priority, not just as an avenue into work but also to provide a vehicle for the transfer and development of skills.

As such, an effective programme can be put together for 5-5000 apprenticeships as a fully funded project. These personnel are full time – and paid the same as other full time personnel – and are assessed by an external assessor for 4-6 hours per month for 12-14 months. ESP works with each employer to design a program that delivers their requirements in a format that is sensitive to the core activities of the business. The idea is to operate the programme without creating any additional load and unnecessary bureacracy. ESP provides a comprehensive service that does all of this with the minimal of disruption.

Looking for a HR or AAT Qualification?

We’ve partnered with a world class company called ICS Learn, which offers HR & AAT programs to help you undertake your course.

Here’s a bit about what ICS Learn will do in support of your apprenticeship. 

  1. Fully funded by your apprenticeship levy
  2. Award-winning online training fulfils the 20% off-the-job learning requirement with minimum disruption to your business
  3. Set a flexible schedule that delivers results when and where you need them
  4. In-depth consultancy from our apprenticeship experts ensures your business turns the levy to its advantage
  5. In-person tutor visits and unlimited 1:1 online support enables learners to put their new skills into practice

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Apprenticeships, Traineeships & Management Training

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