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Congratulations to Chloe Gill – JLL


Congratulations to Chloe Gill Chloe Gill Background Prior to starting the course, I undertook 4 AS level courses but upon receiving my results, decided that the practical route was more for me, but I also didn’t know what I wanted to do. I got my first job at 14 after school and weekends which has given me the work ethic I believe I have. My job role during the programme was split between the digital team in Bewonder* (marketing) and reception duties for JLL. However, in the first few months at Bewonder*, I rotated around the teams to see which [...]

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Congratulations to Cameron Clark – JLL


Congratulations to Cameron Clark Cameron Clark Background Come out of A Levels and didn’t feel like going to Uni was crucial at the time for what I want to do in life (Business Management/Marketing) Joined JLL as an Apprentice in October 2017 working in the Valuation Department as a Property Assistant in Commercial Real Estate working on Client reports, marketing/events and was very soon put in charge of a large-scale project for the Valuation team to be deployed throughout the UK. My job role hasn’t changed within the organisation since I started but I have taken on a lot more [...]

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Congratulations to Ross Pettitt – JLL


Congratulations to Ross Pettitt Ross Pettitt's Background Multiple GCSE’s and BTEC’s at The Appleton School, Seevic College (USP) and within the ATC (Air Training Corps) Have had multiple roles that have changed – Report production; formatting reports, creating maps for reports and finalising with appendices Investment Transaction booklet (current role) – produce monthly booklet containing property information for that month across the sectors with additional info IT Assistance – give assistance with hardware problems around the London offices, including extra projects like Tetris Rebuild on 5th floor, rollout of new monitors and rollout of Windows 10 Bank Advisory (current role) [...]

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