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At ESP we are dedicated to providing a high quality learning experience for all our learners. Our goal is to equip them all with the necessary skills, tools and knowledge in a safe environment that will enable them to achieve positive outcomes and reach their full potential.

ESP has developed a nation-wide reputation for providing quality training, and delivering high standards of customer service and support to all our clients.

ESP is a leading training provider committed to helping our employers invest in a more professional, skilled and sustainable workforce for the future. We pride ourselves on delivering effective skills solutions for employers, apprentices and learners.

We offer a range of training packages in different subject areas using a variety of delivery and training models to best meet your needs.

If you enjoy sitting in a classroom with a trainer and having the opportunity for discussion with other learners, then ESP will provide this. Alternatively, if you prefer to study in your own time and at your own speed then look at one of our e-learning packages. However, if you prefer to undertake learning both in the classroom and using e-learning then look to one of our blended learning solutions.


  • High aspiration and ambition for our learners, apprentices and employers
  • Strong leadership who challenge and promote improvement
  • Effective collaboration with employers and partners to ensure success
  • Well qualified staff with strong staff performance management leading to support and development 
and outstanding practice
  • Highly effective teaching, learning and assessment opportunities
  • Learners and apprentices are safe from harm and 
 have good awareness about the dangers 
of radicalisation and extremism
  • Good promotion of British values and equality and diversity to ensure learners are prepared for 
 living and working in modern Britain
  • Staff are ambitious and supportive of their learners
  • Learning is creative and innovative and fosters curiosity
  • Staff plan learning sessions and assessments very effectively enabling the completion of demanding work that learners and apprentices 
to realise their potential
  • Good development of skills, knowledge and behaviour
  • Feedback and target setting is effective in developing learners and apprentices further and provides 
holistic development opportunities
  • Support for learners and apprentices is good enabling them to achieve well and make good progress both 
in learning and at work
  • Good opportunities to develop maths, English and wider employability skills required by employers
  • Learners and apprentices gain confidence, are self assured and have excellent attitudes to learning 
and work
  • Learners and apprentices are respectful of each other, their colleagues, of others beliefs and opinions and points of view
  • Apprentices develop the good skills and behaviours necessary for success in the future and make good progress within their roles
  • Employers value the contribution of their apprentices to their business
  • Learners and apprentices are very motivated to learn; attendance at work and in learning sessions is excellent
  • We promote an open culture that actively ensures learners and apprentices are safe both in learning 
and in the workplace
  • Careers guidance is effective in enabling learners and apprentices to make informed choices about their next step and stage of their education, employment or training
  • Learners and apprentices achieve well compared to their starting points
  • Learners and apprentices demonstrate the good skills and knowledge they have acquired
  • The standard of learners and apprentices’ 
 standards of work is very high
  • Where appropriate learners and apprentices achieve meaningful qualifications including maths and 
English where appropriate
  • Good progression into further learning, training or employment
  • Apprentices gain promotion and additional job responsibilities
  • Learners and apprentices achieve and complete on time and according to their planned 
 completion dates


Inspiring Shared Purpose
Leading with Care
Evaluating Information
Driving Outstanding Quality
Championing Standards
Developing Capacity
Holding to Account
Influencing for Results
Motivating the Team


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